Surgery genital organs

Surgery genital organs (Women & Men)

  1. Aesthetic surgery female genital organs.

Aesthetic surgery of the female genital organs, or “designer Vagininas”, include a number of surgical procedures designed to improve their appearance. It is alleged that in some cases and sexual function can be improved.
The most frequently asked procedures are those of reducing labia (“labioplasty”) and vaginal narrowing (“vagininoplasty”). Other procedures include liposuction at the pubic mountain; Fat injections to the cameltoe or to the pubic mountain to give a youthful appearance to these areas; Removal or reduction of the skin around the clitoris (“Clitoral circumcision”), to improve its sensitivity; The reconstruction of the hyphenum for cultural reasons. Laser therapy is used to remove labial wrinkles; Hair transplant for the hypotrichosis of the pubic mountain.

  • Labial reduction

The labial reduction includes a series of operations aimed at reducing the size and degree of protuberance of the small labia or the “inner lips” of the vagina. The most common reason why women require this operation is because labia are perceived to be too large and unsightly. A small number of women affirm that the large size of labia makes them visible in strait clothing, or when they do sports, or make cycling uncomfortable. Others are experiencing problems with penetration.

The procedure is relatively simple, exting an area of small labia using multiple incisions; It can be performed under local anesthesia. Careful placement of the scar is important, to prevent the painful scarring of the edges of the labia.

  • Vaginal plasty

The operations of narrowing the vagina are requested by some women who feel that their vagina has become lax after a birth, or with age. As a result, they claim that sexual intercourse is less satisfactory for them or their partner. The procedure can be a simple one that results in the placement of sutures to Introitus (the vaginal hole) or may involve excising excess vaginal mucosa along with a tightening of the muscles of the posterior vaginal wall.

The first procedure is not widespread. The second procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia, and used more frequently by gynecologists. Perforation of the intestine is one of the most serious complications that can occur.

The tightening of the vagina can be achieved through a non-surgical CO2 laser technique that inducs small burn points into the mucous membrane of the vagina which by healing and scarring are tightening. The effect is not as dramatic as in the case of technique through surgery.

  • Liposuction or “liposculpture”

Liposuction or “liposculpture” of the pubic mountain can be a procedure isolated or performed in combination with liposuction of the abdomen or thighs. The appearance of the pubic mountain is enhanced by improving its definition. In contrast, fat injections in the pubic mountain or high labia emphasize these structures, giving them a more youthful appearance.
Circumcision of the clitoris or removal of the skin fold around the clitoris, is done to expose the clitoris and make it more sensitive. However, there is little information on the outcome other than anecdotal.

  1. Aesthetic surgery male genital organs.

There are currently several types of procedures to improve or augmint the aesthetic appearance of the penis or scrotum.

  • Elongation of the penis

Elongation of the penis is achieved by releasing the ligament of the penis followed by the use of weights for the penis or stretching devices. It releases a length of about 2-3 cm by cutting directly on the periostics along the median line of the pubic symphytic. The release is usually done by an incision of 3-4 cm lower, transverse just above the penopubic junction, but many surgeons stretch the infrapubic skin on the penis, using a VY flap of stretching.

  • Penis thicking

Thickness of the penis is carried out either by injecting fat or by inserting fatty or allograft dermis grafts such as AlloDerm in the Dartos fascia.

Autologous fat injections in the dartos fascia are still used by physicians to increase the thickness of the penis. The fat is displacable and gives a somewhat spongy texture to the penis. Less than 50 of injected fat normally survives in other parts of the body. Ideally, small amounts of fat (10-20 cc) are injected into several tunnels.

The growth of the circumference is also achieved by inserting the dermal or fatty bands in the Dartos fascia or by wrapping the dermal fat sheets between the Dartos
and the Buck fascies. The bands can be placed either through a partial circumcision or a cross-pubeslate incision.

  1. How can I help the operation to be a success?
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  1. Recovery and some tips for a good recovery.
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