Recovery and some tips for good recovery

Tips for a good recovery.

  • Exposure to sunlight directly or in tanning salons. Exposure to the sun causes damage to the Pieli. Exposure of the operated areas and suture ranges can cause poor healing and changes in hypo or hyperpigmentation color. Patients who want to expose themselves to the sun to sunbathe should inform their physician and postpone this activity until it is risk-deprived. The adverse effects of sun exposure occur and when using crème sunscreen.
  • Travels. Any surgical procedure involves possible risks and complications that can delay healing and return to normal life. Please notify your surgeon about travel plans, important meetings planned so the planning of the operation can be done efficiently. There are no guarantees that you will be able to return to the planned activities in time.
  • Long-term results. Modification of the resulting surgical procedures can occur in the course of time due to aging. Exposure to sunlight, loss or increase in weight, pregnancy, menopause or other circumstances unrelated to the procedure itself.
    Informed for female patients. It is important to inform the surgeon if you are using anticonceptional or if you have the slightest suspicion that you may be pregnant. Many antibiotics can decrease the effectiveness of anticonceptional pills.
  • Intimate relationships after surgical procedure. Surgery involves clotting of blood vessels for stopping bleeding and physical activity of any kind can cause the opening of vessels and bleeding and/or the formation of hematoma. Activities that increase pulse and heart rate can detemina additional bruising and bruises, inflammation and the need to open the operation for bleeding control.