Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and vitamins

Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and vitamins

  1. Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and vitamins

Mesotherapy is a new method of treatment, consisting of the introduction into the skin of a cocktail consisting of vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and hyaluronic acid; The results are spectacular, the procedure having the effect of intensive hydration, stimulating collagen synthesis and increased skin firmness.

Mesotherapy is carried out by means of a special injection apparatus, which allows for a uniformly injected, at precise depths depending on the area where we want to reach the substance, with 5 or 9 simultaneous needles, which enhances the comfort of the procedure and Optimize the results.

Facial Mesotherapy or beauty cocktail is applied to the face, neck or neckline and naturally helps to restore skin tone, blur wrinkles and in certain cases when correcting signs and scars. The treatment is nutritious, antioxidant, stimulates microcirculation and local cellular metabolism, the final effect being the rejuvenating one (rejuvenation). The treatment is injected into the hands, having the same rejuvenation effect.

Mesotherapy is not a painful treatment and if desired, an anesthetic cream can be used that causes the procedure to be painless.
Mesotherapy gives the skin an impressive source of vitamins and nutrients from which it takes as much as is necessary to regain its elasticity, supplefulness and firmness. It is recommended that Mesotherapy combines with surgical aesthetic treatments such as laser or anti-wrinkle toxin injections. A mesotherapy session lasts about 30 minutes and involves injections of 0.1-0.5 ml at distances of 1-3 cm, depending on the treated area. It is recommended a number of 3 sessions 2 weeks apart from each other and a number of 3 cures per year.

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