Definitive epilation (Laser Alexandrite Gentle Maxpro)

Definitive Epilation (Laser Alexandrite-the best laser in the world for definitive epilation!)

  1. Alexandrite Laser-The world’s best laser for definitive epilation!)

For most people the remedies for unwanted hair are plucking, rasul, waxing, or chemical epilations. Some are painful, others are complicated, and all are only temporary. The use of Alexandrite-Gentle Max Pro from the Syneron-Candela Company – the only Alexandrite laser on the market that can provide energy to a pulse duration of 3ms, determines that unwanted hair is removed quickly, comfortably and more completely than ever before .

  1. What technical specifications do Candela Gentle Max Pro make the ideal solution?

Wavelength – of 755nm, the gold standard for a definitive epilation.
The size of the spot – between 12-22mm, the largest spots on a Alexandrite laser so that it provides you with the fastest and most comfortable treatment. Also, a larger spot means greater penetrability, so even the deepest hairs are destroyed.
The fluency – with a power up to 30j/cm2 combined with the high depth it touches due to the optimum size of the spot (22mm), gives enough energy not only to reach the deepest hairs, but also to destroy them permanently.
Pulse Duration – The only Alexandrite laser in the world with a pulse duration of just 3ms (gives a maximum of energy in a very short time).

  1. How it works

Lasers produce a very concentrated light beam. The color of light produced by a particular laser is the key to its effect on hair follicles. The light emitted by the laser passes harmless through the skin and is absorbed by the pigment into the hair follicles. The laser emits an impulse for a fraction of a second, long enough to vaporize the pigment. Several follicles are affected once, stopping or significantly preventing hair regeneration.

  1. Procedure

Our experienced aestheticists perform laser hair removal treatments under the supervision of Dr. Hârceaga Surgeon is certified. They have been instructed in detail about the use of the laser and have exceptional results in terms of safety and efficacy.
No anesthetic gel or topical treatment is required for Gentle Max Pro Laser treatments. The device uses delicate skin aspiration, which enhances both patient comfort and treatment effectiveness. Aspirating the skin This shrines the blood vessels and brings hair follicles closer to the laser. Instead of feeling the uncomfortable “bombing” of the laser, you will feel the gentle pressure of aspiration. The duration of a session with Gentle Max Pro laser depends on the size and number of the treaty areas. Laser removal of the hair on the legs that before it lasts on average 60 minutes, can be performed in a range of approx. 20 minutes with Gentle Max Pro Laser. The hair removal treatment on the back is reduced from an average of 60 minutes, to 20 minutes or even less. Since the laser mainly treats hair follicles that are in a phase of active growth, more than one treatment may be needed to affect hair follicles that subsequently enter this phase of growth, the recommended number of meetings is 6.

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