Radiofrequency (Venus Legacy, E-Matrix)

Radiofrequency (Venus Legacy, E-Matrix)

  1. How do radiofrequency treatments work?

Radiofrequency is a type of energy, which is measured in “frequency” or wavelengths per second. All kinds of energy, from the sound waves it emits the iPod, to sunlight, to the heat coming out of the body, to very radioactive gamma radiation, are classified according to their frequency on the “electromagnetic spectrum”.

Radiofrequency (RF) is a category on this spectrum and includes many common types of energy that we use every day: WiFi signals, Radio/TV and microwave ovens. The RF energy used for skin tightening is in the area of 450 kilohertz, which is at the slow end of the radio frequency range.

How can radiofrequency tighten the skin?

Like any form of energy, RF has the ability to produce heat and while each brand uses slightly different technology, all applications work by warming the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate new production of collagen and Elastin and to encourage cell renewal, helping the skin to be firmer, more vigorous and rejuvenated.

An advantage of RF use for heating tissues, unlike lasers (which use higher frequency light waves), is that the lower frequency of RF can safely penetrate into a deeper level, helping to improve Tone and skin structure, even when lifting tissues. Lasers mostly work to improve the surface of the skin. Furthermore, RF can safely treat several patients with different skin tones without risking permanent discolouration.

What are the side effects of radiofrequency treatments?

In addition to producing effective lifting and efficient tissue tightening, without surgery or disruption of activity, one of the greatest benefits of RF treatments, when carried out correctly, is that the recovery Post-procedure is very quick and easy. Side effects are usually minimal and short-lived, limited to mild and temporary swelling, redness and tingling, depending on the treatment. RF treatments can also be carried out safely in tandem with injections, microneedling or other slightly invasive treatments.

  1. A revolution in medical aesthetics
    Venus 4D™ Technology-a new standard

Venus Concept is a new industry standard, with revolutionary technology for non-surgical modeling of the body * and tightening the skin on the face, neck and body.

The multi-polar RF procedure provides a temperature lifting in a fast, painless, homogeneous way of multiple tissues with varying levels of depth providing a higher clinical outcome.

The technology based on pulsed magnetic fields has been used in traditional medicine for decades and is scientifically proven in terms of its regeneration properties.

Vari-Pulse allows adjustable suction pulses for deep penetration of energy, lymphatic drainage, as well as stimulation of circulation.

With the real-time thermal feedback procedure integrates a thermometer with hands-free that provides visual graphical feedback on the screen to allow constant tissue contact for better general clinical outcomes.

Venus Legacy™ is the first multifunctional workstation combining multipolar technology + proven magnetic pulse (MP) ² with the New VariPulse™ feature that will increase customer satisfaction

Venus Legacy™ treatments offer 100 safe, painless treatments for all skin types and provide the following immediate and long-term results for the face, neck and body:

  • Non-surgical contouring of the body
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Circumsional reduction
  • Skin restriction

The best part is that this device works on all parts of the body, from the front to the belly and thighs, to lift and give firmness to the left skin. It only takes about half an hour for each area. Benefits cannot be observed immediately after treatment due to temporary swelling of the skin: these will be visible after a range of 2 to 4 weeks after 6 session sessions.


Treatment is completely invasive us, painless and without recovery time. Treatments take between 30 and 40 minutes without side effects, and patients can immediately return to normal activities. The use of magnetic pulse fields creates homogeneous, painless heating at multiple depths that dissolve cellulite fat by stimulating circulation, lymphatic drainage and collagen production.

  1. E-Matrix

eMatrix is a device that uses sublic fractional radio frequency, approved by the European Community and the FDA (Food and Drug admdniation, United States), with excellent results against post-acneal scars or arising from Injuries.

A serious acne, which is not treated properly, affects the deep layer of the skin and destroys collagen and elastin, triggering the appearance of small holes in the area of the cheeks or chin. EMatrix treatment will smoothen the appearance of the skin, while contributing to the reduction of dilated pores.

How does eMatrix work?

The applicator transmits fractional radiofrequency in the dermis through an array of 64 pins. Each pulse is transmitted in the deep layer of the skin and extends in the form of cone. This creates a process of heating in the deep dermis in the area of the electrode that induces skin lesions, thus causing a healing response of minimal burns with the activation of fibroblasts and synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers.

eMatrix completely restores the injured tissues and rejuvenates the structure of collagen. After only a session with this revolutionary treatment, patients notice a considerable improvement in Cicacians, reduction of dilated pores, as well as toning of the skin.

Stages treatment wrinkles and scars with eMatrix
  1. Application of a local anesthetic (optional). For the patient’s comfort, an anesthetic cream is applied, but dermatologists do not fully recommend it, from the perspective of treatment efficiency, as it attenuates from the power of radiofrequency.
  2. According to the regimen, the dermatologist performs the procedure on the areas affected by the scar.
  3. At the end, the skin presents erythema (redness) and edema (swelling). This effect lasts for several hours and is indicated not to be neutralised by the application of ice or cold compressats. This indicates dermal heating and remodeling, causing the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers.
  4. The dermatologist will apply a protective cream with a high protection factor (SPF greater than 30) to the skin for the entire duration of treatment and 1 month after its completion to reduce the risk of residual hyperpigmentation.
  5. After 24-72 hours, at the level of the treated area appear small brown crusts of 1 mm diameter that persist a few days, up to one week. The crust should not be touched or scratched, even if an itchy sensation occurs. Patients are recommended to consistently apply an emollient cream, thereby allowing their spontaneous elimination.
Age Segment

The age segment to which it is addressed is up to 50 years, due to the fact that after this age the resources and the body’s ability to synthesize new collagen and elastin fibers are much limited. Treatment of wrinkles and scars with eMatrix

  1. Healing post Treatment does not last very long, and patients can quickly return to the usual activities
  2. The eMatrix procedure works from the inside out by stimulating collagen synthesis, covering the traces left by severe acne. Thus, the results take longer and can be strengthened with annual maintenance treatments.
  3. It has proven to be safe and effective on all skin types and degrees of pigmentation.

Can be performed in any season. Using fractional radiofrequency and not the laser beam, it does not determine the sensitivity of the skin to the sun and can be performed in any season, without fear of hyperpigmentations associated with laser procedures carried out in summer.

Surgical Procedures

Non-surgical procedures

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